Dining & Catering for Italian food, Seafood and local dishes

We serve local  dishes such as curry goat, curry chicken, cowfoot, oxtail, turtle stew, conch and sea pies with dumplings, dumplings, dumplings!!! We are also adept at creating international dishes such as chinese food, japanese haijai, italian cuisine, fish and chips and a flurry of pasta galore. Our dishes are only limited by the season.

Alfresco also provides catering services for weddings, parties and special events and ensure that each dish is served with class and style. We have effortlessly catered to parties from 2 persons up to 400 guests on a shoe string budget and will maximise your enjoyment by adding pizzaz and flair, uber designs, professionalism and great food to create a memorable evening. We can craft a menu to conform to your peculiar taste, work from a menu that has already been created by an external party or come up with our own menu that is sure to have your event on the lips of your guests for weeks to come. Whether it be Jamaican rundown from the hills of St Mary or a Bailey cheese cake styled like the Swedes, we can create anything you desire. If you can dream it up we can whip it up.

You present us with your budget and your needs and we will provide the equipments, the hot plates and cutlery (even the janitorial services, however, this must be stated beforehand). You are then able to charm and schmooze your guest while we wine and dine you till the chickens come to roost. All without breaking the banks or spilling a drop. Our well groomed, uniformed staff will remain in the background while powering your event and only pop up to service a need and keep you happy.



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10:30 A.M. TO 7:30 PM


For groups and advanced bookings

Call: 1-345-947-2525

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