Affordable fine dining restaurant in the Cayman Islands

Alfresco Restaurant is a tranquil seaside eatery that straddles the pristine shores of the West Bay beach, Grand Cayman. Located 10 minutes on the outskirts of the city of Georgetown and 5 minutes from the famed 7 mile beach, this celebrity hotspot has fed many Hollywood A listers and is frequented by jetsetters, globe trotters and locals alike.

Serving up daily fine dine cuisine, this unassuming locale hosts an array of taste bud tantalising tongue teasers that is fast creating a buzz among its patrons and their friends. Powered by a team of experienced connoisseur  chefs and led by master chef PhillipĂ© , the restaurant satisfies a daily clientele with a feast of meats, vegetables, fruits and beverages. Our menu is always exciting, whether it is our famed Caribbean lobster dish stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and Italian bread crumbs or a healthy serving of conch stew. Our guests can top off this sumptuous feast with a litany of sparkling wines, spirits and fruity concoctions. Other delights are our every popular Cayman styled turtle meat or home made coconut shrimp with mango chutney.


Our wide and varied menu has drawn  and kept celebrities clients such as Sylvestor Stallone, Steve from Jerry Springer, Shaquille Oneil, Jean Batista (WWI), Jamaican reggae crooner Mavado who can testify that they are hooked to our menus. We regard these persons and all our clients as a part of our extended family and as such we strive to always provide affordable but delicious dishes.


With this high level of power clientele we remain affordable and cost effective as the majority of our plates costs between $7 USD to 13 USD. We ensure that each dish is a masterpiece, a fantastic delight that is aesthetically appealing and easy on the pockets.

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Our Grand Cayman restaurant has wheelchair access which allows special needs persons to easily dine with us. Our wheelchair accessible restaurant has a ramp which leads to our seaside deck, this disabled access ensure that our special needs patrons and their family can still enjoy our services. Our wheelchair ramp has a good gradient for accessiblity